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[20 Jun 2005|02:41am]

if you guys wanna delete me here and add me on



that'd be cool=]

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[16 Apr 2005|03:26pm]

dang so..new livejournal..add me there=]



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my day in a nutshell=] [14 Apr 2005|08:10pm]
[ mood | curious ]

DANGCollapse )

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If you see me on the streets, nigga you dunno me [12 Apr 2005|10:28pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Today i woke up @ 7:40 and went to schoool like right away=[. I wish my alarm woke me up like a normal person.

1st--We did some weird experiment in which air crushes a can or sumsing, I didn't like it cuz it smelt like burnt hair>:o!

2nd--Romeo and Juliette plus To Kill A Mockingbird, sucks.

3rd--AHHHHHHHH the scary guy again. He told me I was and always will be beautiful, and that he loved me, and we're meant too be and all this scary crap=[=[. Then he sang too me. Yesterday he grabbed my boob, he is getting worse=[. I saw Cedes and we talked at lunch, then I sat with Jennifer, and then I found Kristin=]. Laurens back=D!

4th--Math I UNDERSTOOD! and I have a B in that class. oh yeah<3

5th--Dang so we took notes, and talked.

6th--Went to the classroom today and took notes, then sat in back and talked about being "emo" or "goth" or all the labels and shit.

Bus Brooke rode home with me and we talked about a lot of crap with Erika and Jamie. I love Erika and Jamie=] and Brooke too, duh! Then Brooke left @ like 6:40 and went home, her mom drove me too my moms, then I went and picked up Briana. Then Briana, my mom, and I went and worked out for an hour or so. I got gross and sweaty, eww. Briana ate a cold chicken nugget at my house and now she's a vegi. or wants to be.

That's my day in a nutshell, sorry again for lack of comments please don't cut me=[

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[10 Apr 2005|03:44pm]
[ mood | productive ]

I met a pretty boy at school. He's pretty. We all love him.

Friday I went to Brianas house after school, switched it up say what? pretty much briana is the funniest person ever and just hanging out with her is fun<3.

Saturday I went home, melissa came over, brought me taco bell=D! We hung out, went on a whole lotta walks and talked in the driveway. We went to bed at like 2 which was alright.

Sunday which is today i woke up and hhave cramps and i can't go to jamies party because i can't swim, with cramps and whatnot. I want more taco bell though.

I want it too be monday so I can see Gabby, I missed her ALOTALOTALOT. and other people;D!

I can't wait for this week to be over so I can have my sleepover Friday,and then Falloutboy/Silverstein/The Academy is Saturday=].


ps. sorry I haven't been commenting or anything, noone comments so livejournal kinda died for a week=[<3

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dang ilovemyfriends [07 Apr 2005|08:15pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

^kay so kristin made this for me and I am eternally grateful=]

i've been going to school a lot, having cramps, and feeling icky w00t!


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[03 Apr 2005|01:28pm]
[ mood | good ]

so it's sunday and spring break is over tomorrow=[ i'm sad but i'm happy to be seeing people at school again=].

To sum up my spring break i'll say i hung out with: Brooke, Ashley, Jamie, Melissa, Briana, Kristin, Gabby, Joe, Derek, Saxon, Lauren, Emily, and Heather.

I'm a little sad I didn't spend more time with Gabby or any time with Sdhari, but summer is soon=].

Today I might go to the zoo but I am unsure=/.


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I GOT A GUINEA PIG =D [01 Apr 2005|01:24pm]



and kees=]

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So she says to me.. [31 Mar 2005|02:15pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

I woke up this morning and decided to go to the show instead of the movies=]. I got into a huge fight with my dad because of getting driven around by teenagers and boys, how the hell did he know you ask? Grace is a fucking spy. I ended up going to the show with Heather and Emily and meeting Melissa there. We got up there then Melody and Angie came and left. Then Joe came, then Derek and his brother, then Gabby, Lauren, and Saxon. Kristin and Briana came eventually. Oh and Paige, Cedes, Amber and Montana were there too=]. Paiges mom was mad because Paige and I hugged and her mom HATES me. The first band was playing and then we went outside onto the playground untill Idols Die Young was playing. We watched them and whatnot then went back outside.

While outside we decided to go to the House of Joe. So Briana, Melissa, Emily, HEather and I hopped in Heathers car. Gabby, Lauren and Saxon went with Lauren, Chelsea followed, and so did Kristin and Joe. At the house of Joe like half the show was there, apparently it's the hot spot. Valerie came,and around 11 Joe took me and Melissa to my house=]. I fell asleep around like 3 and woke up @ 10 because Melissa's mom was here for her.

Today we didn't go to Olive Garden and I feel bad because Raimar can't come over or anything. But tonight Melissa and I are going to the movies with Cedes, Montana, Paige, and them, well meeting them couincidentaly or whateva.

I honestly need something to do tomorrow and someone to come over after church on saturday.=]

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spring break is for lovers [30 Mar 2005|01:20am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

we woke up this morning because of joe might i add. I decided to go to the show instead of the movies=]. Kristin, Briana, and Joe picked me up around 5:15, we got there sat in the car for a bit then met Emily, Heather, and Melissa. The first band was playing and they were really good it was that kid Melissa and I knew from the Bright Eyes show and he was just gorgeous. We went outside and hung out for a bit, came in for another band, and then in for Echo Me Astranaut which his guitar broke and had to stop playing early=[. The dance party was neat, but i danced for a little then played wallflower/bag lady with kristin because i love her, duh!

We then went outside and got hugs from Louis and others who we thought we wouldn't see again. We ventured to the bowling alley again and sat there for a little then had to go. Got more hugs, w00t. Got home,got my wendys and ate it=]. I was on the phone with Melissa but now were talking online cuz were awsome. My week has and will be spent with Melissa, Emily, Heather, Briana, and more or atleast I hope it will continue<3. I wish I could have seen Gabby fo' real<3


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=] [29 Mar 2005|12:49pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

The mall was fun like i thought it would be, around 9 Emily, Heather, Melissa, Briana, Kristin, and I drove to The House of Joe. There we got on myspace, read the world records book, laughed, talked, and then went in the parking lot at 11 when they closed. IT was freezing and we were just waiting for someone to figure out what we would do..someone said something about going to Gabbys but it was late so we didn't=[, so we drove to the bowling alley. Briana, Kristin and I rode with Joe, and Emily and the rest rode with Emily. The person we were meeting there wasn't there so we went to Hardees. They were closed so we went to Wendys, by this time it was maybe midnight and Emily and Melissa had to go home=[. We drove to the other Wendys becaue kristin needed hunny mustard and Briana needed salt. We drove Heather home, and then Briana,Kristin,Joe, and I hung out at my house till 2 a.m at which around 3 he left and we went to sleep.

Today I believe I plan to go to the show wiht Briana and Kristin and have Paige meet me there=]. I love me some Kristin and Briana, they are fun. ILOVEEMILYTOO, more hangouts<3

Tomorrow--Movies with Melissa, then my house.
Thursday--Lunch with Raimar and Melissa, then sleep at my house, and movies with montana and mercedes i think<3.
Friday and Saturday--anyone?

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*What it is hoe?* [28 Mar 2005|06:22pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Thursday and Friday night brooke slept here, on friday we went and got her a bathing suite and saw Erica clark and Amanda Wimpy at Beals=]. Her bathing suite is purple don't let her tell you any different.

Saturday was veryvery boring. Sunday i got a voice mail from Codey saying Happy Easter. On easter I went to dinner at my brothers and swimming with the family seeing as i'm basically the youngest it was boring, but the food was good. I am the worst anorexic ever=[. But i'm getting a ginea pig for easter which is exciting=D!

I woke up monday and thought there was school lol oh man i was confused=[. Ashley and myself went to the mall, we saw..her cuzin, montana, lauren feronti, BAM-BAM, and a couple of other people.OHH her ex boyfriend mike was with all these gothic girls and it was funny cuz the jewlery lady called them the people who think halloween is all year round. Jc Pennys aint got nothin on us Ashley=]. I had a fun day. Now I am currently waiting for Kristin and Briana who will arrive around like 7:30, then at 9ish were gonan go out and about. I haven't eaten all day,and I'm not hungry, GO ME!

plans this week
Tuesday--Movies, Mercedes, Paige, Ashley, Jamie, back to Ashleys.
Wednesday--Movies with Melissa, and back to my house=].
Thursday--Lunch with Raimar and Melissa, then my house I believe.
Friday and Saturday..who wants to hang out?

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oh how i love spring break [25 Mar 2005|01:13pm]
[ mood | good ]

Yesterday at school went by pretty fast but i'm glad we're on spring break now=].

1st--Watched a lame movie on rollercoasters
2nd--Vocab. test then we ate food in which Briana and I did not partake, and took pictures=].
3rd--Test eww
4th--Test eww
5th--Substitute told me his life story and was being odd, and we watched a movie, but i took pictures=].
6th--In the gym took lots of pictures=].
Summary of the day I got tons of pictures which I will post ASAP=D!

After school on the bus I took pictures of Emily and we decided to hang out over spring break, yay! I love my new friends with all my heart, but I miss my old ones. I miss Gabby, and Kristin most though=[. Briana is back so that's a start=]. So next week is Armor for sleep =D! nd then April 16th is Fall Out Boy, i'm basically really excited for both.

Around 5:30 Kristin came over nd we hung out for a litttle I love when she walks here<3! At 7 Ashley picked me up and we went to the movies. We saw the Ring 2 with, Brooke, Her, Paige, Justin, Mercedes, and Montana=]. We saw a whole lotta people up there which was weird but interesting. Chris freaking Courtney asked me for lighter and I cracked up. Paiges mom hates me Brooke nd Ashley and forbid her to see us awhile ago but we are sneaky=], but her mom was waiting the in parking lot of the movies and I hope to god she didn't see us=[. Tonight I think Brooke and I are going to the show=] and then Saturday i'm not sure what i'm doing, then on easter= hangout with briana and kristin=D!

I love spring break so far. <3

pictures=]Collapse )

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[23 Mar 2005|10:54pm]
I didn't rush this morning because I got up. Ashleys dad drove us today, he drives hella fast. We got there early and Melissa was the only one there, then more arrived=]. I wore pink today=D!

1st--Mr. OD made us work on some math crap in science it was odd. Alexandra and I walked to 2nd together today because she is nice=]. I have a "B" in science=D!

2nd--Romeo and Juliette continue some more. Me, Briana, Justin, and Sierra were begining to rewrite romeo and juliette modernly and then we had to go to some cultural thing. Some black person told me to have sex with his friend, and i said no thank you. We went back worked and talked a lot and then the bell rang. I actually like my 2nd period.

3rd--Oh my Jesse was not there it was gods gift for the day AGAIN. Buuutt Shaun was singing to me and it was kinda scary. We did lotsa makeup work which raised my grade to a "B"=D! I walked to lunch bought a cookie, sat with Mercedes and ate it. Went sat with Jennifer and Jennifer they are both sweeties=]. D lunch I Lauren and we waited for Kristin.

4th--BTW I did get a 100 on that quiz from the other day=]. I have an "A" in math, an A im so happy!

5th--Weird old guy guest speaker, yawn.

6th--I stayed with Jamie today and didn't go sneak attack kristin=[. We were in the stadium today and I sat with Erika and talked most of the period aside from walking with Jamie.

After school I went to step. Tomorrow we go to some spinning class<3 Needless to say. I love briana.

Thursday--Spinning with Briana. Home then Brooke=]
Friday- EGHS show?
Saturday- wanna do sumsing?
Sunday--Kristin and Briana=D

this spring break i wanna hang out with the new people i talk to some=]

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Yeah, you are beautiful but you don't mean a thing to me. [22 Mar 2005|04:33pm]
[ mood | a - okay ]

I woke up @ 7:55 and had to rush, Ashley called and awoke me thank god.I didn't straighten my hair I just put it in a headband, threw on eyeliner and some clothes and ran out the door. We got to school and the bell rang as soon as we got on the grounds. I ran and found Brooke and we walked to 1st well halfway.

1st--Mr. OD wasn't there. The substitue had to be atleast 20, and she had an industrial done and she told me it did hurt a little, she was pretty neat. Melissa and I copied off Rurik or w/e and then we finished the graphs for the lab and talked.

2nd--Romeo and Juliette continue some more. Me, Briana, and Justin were messing with Justins mask thing and got glitter all over the place. We were doing somewhat of the waltz because we were mingling at some part of Romeo and Juliette. Needless to say I got glitter all over me and it would not come off, it was fun though.

3rd--Oh my Jesse was not there it was gods gift for the day. We did notes, ghey. I walked to lunch bought a cookie, sat with Mercedes and ate it. Went bought another cookie and sat with Rosie and Amber I actually like them. D lunch I found Kristin saw Ashley and the other Ashley. Kristin touched my butt:-*. We sat at someones table and she was a bitch and we got up and sat somewhere else. I left=[.

4th--Quiz easy A=D.

5th--Test another easy A. Heather and myself enjoy talking about shows and other interesting things,and Sam and I enjoy talking about whatever comes to mind. We watched some ER video a guy got a knife in his head and it was gross, Erika made funny sound effects of disguist.

6th--I ran to Kristin and hugged her, saw Emily, walked Melissa halfway to class, LOST JAMIE>:o.Ran to the stadium and found the class and Jamie. We took notes today so it was very boring. Then Jamie and I took pictures of anything we could and made fun of Mr.Balgos accent.All day I thought it was wednesday untill Mr. Balgo told me it was not.

Tonight= Pilate which HURTS SO GOOD=D! So peace the eff out.

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Oh today.. [21 Mar 2005|06:54pm]
[ mood | curious ]

today was pretty pointless mondays suck=[. I woke up @ 7:40 and had to rush, and straighten my hair, put on eyeliner, and get dressed, RAN to the bus stop and got on the bus. Got to school later then i usually do and saw Brooke but not Melissa. I wore a skirt today, oh yes I did.

1st--I had to do some make-up lab with Melissa Stephan and we finished just in time to sit down and have SSR which is reading bullshit. So I read my book=D!

2nd--Romeo and Juliette continue. Me, Briana, Justin, and Christian worked together sorta to do some worksheet, and then we got another one. Mr. Rice likes to punish us>:o jerk.

3rd--Oh my. I got there sat down, threatened Kyle for being a jerk and Mrs. Stebbins stared at me like whoa. This kid Jesse that likes to ruin my life sat next to me and kept calling me boo, and things of that sort, why oh why does he like to see me scared for my life? I went to lunch, lunch is boring when I have no friends in C lunch=[.

4th--Math I got to work together with Schmooty.I understand something in math for once in my insignificant life.

5th--I need to makeup the CPR test or I will fail that class=[. Heather and myself enjoy talking about shows and other interesting things, and me and Sam enjoy talking about her friends and mine and childhood memories<3.

6th--Jamie and I yet again walked to the stadium and we needed to go to the gym. IT YET AGAIN RAINED ON US>:o no running this time though. In the gym we sat with stephanie and deana and all them. 6th is like my free period but shh don't tell lol we do whatever we want in there and noone cares.

Okay i have to go to self defense. peace up atown down.

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Jealousy Turning Saints Into The Sea... [17 Mar 2005|05:40pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Today was okay. I got to school and mercedes was decked out in green and her special friend tryed to kiss her because she had a sash that said "kiss me i'm irish" poor mercedes. I found melissa and we walked to first=] well halfway there.

First--Freaking melissa stephan wasn't there so i talked to Ariel and Anna most of the class. Arial and I argued with stupid Rurik because he thinks he's fucking smarter then I but he is way off. He was in my anger management class haha=].

Second--We did bellwork which was reading and writing what we thought was happening in the play at the moment. then we did some confusing worksheet. Gabby Clark was like =o sexy shirt today! and im like haha FAT TODAY.

Third? Honestly do I ever go? I walked with Briana and Amber to A lunch. Amber bent down and people saw her buttcrack and Briana covered it, good save. A lunch I sat with Montana, Briana, Melissa, Brooke, Amber, Jay and Sierra. Briana and I listened to Death Cab, i love them<3.B Lunch I was with Mercedes and all her friends. During C I was with Jennifer and all them, I really only like Jennifer and Rosie out of the six i sit with. D lunch I was with Kristin, The Laurens, Sammie, Derek, and Saxon. Kristin and I got cookies for her and went to miss mix's class which was interesting as well.

Fourth and 5th were pretty boring.

Sixth--I wish i could explain the pain and hilarity. Lisa and Deanna listened to my the spill canvas cd and they got bored like i said they would. We tryed to play trouble on my pen but it was too small=[. This gay guy got turned on by a girl and it was really funny. He bit something off jamies leg and broke it which was more funny. Ian and someone else kept throwing the ball at jamie and I but he missed =P! I found melissa and walked with her too the buses=D!

on the bus George kept going..SOMEONE LEFT THEIR KID so people would look at him. then me erika and jamie talked about having a penis for a finger and cracked up on how weird it would be.
George:OH MAN, my son is in my pants thanks.
Whole bus cracks up=].

that is all<3 fcat makeup tomorrow.

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I can honestly say..that i've never ever ever felt this way [16 Mar 2005|03:09pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

hmm lets see..monday i skipped and whatnot got to lay around=] briana, kristin, and joe came over later and dropped off briana after hanging out a little, then briana and i proceeded to the gym place. My mom and I took her home and then I went home to sleep. My butt is sore=[.

Tuesday school was lame.
First--Mr.Od made me do makeup work instead of actually working on the stuff from that day so im now one more day behind, thanks a lot pal.I got my report card. I have an F in science but im fixing that.

Second--Mr. Rice made us sit in a circle and read romeo and juliette. His methods are insane and have no point whatsoever. I have a C in english soon to be "B". I found

Third--I have a flippen A=D im so excited i hate history but i'm doing wonderful! We did some worksheets while i had jennifer help me do notes and such. Lunch was boring, but D lunch i handed out those abstinence card things and they all took some=].

Fourth--Math wow she is SUCH a bitch. She said I have an "F" and i can't do anything to change it because se doesn't HAVE to let me do that makeup work. and she called herself mean and ugh i can't believe her. Fuck her.

Fifth--I have a "D" but its gonna be atleast a "C". We did worksheets and notes while erika let me eat sour tart things they were good and addicting.

Sixth--We were in the gym. Jamie, Tim, and I talked like the whole time. then these nerd jocks were picking on ian and they all almost fought but of course the bell rang.

Bus i sat with Crystal, Heather, and Valerie and talked bout new baby clothes and things of the sort. After I got home I did tons of homework and was done in time to call Brooke and talk some then go to Pilatie or whatever, I AM SO SORE FROM THAT, muscles I didn't know I had are in pain. We went in the hottub and sauna and relaxed some but then , I drove Briana home and then I went home to sleep.

Today I didn't go to school and I napped till 12 and talked to Jazzi on the phone which is what i'm doing now=D<33

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Dannggg Nukka. [13 Mar 2005|05:08pm]
[ mood | curious ]

this weekend i felt as if friday was a waste of a day even though i talked to montana online like all night=]. I colored in my coloring book, read my book, and sat in the corner, it was interesting.

Satuday i awoke and sat online for a bit then my dad made me go to church, I had to work with the 2 year olds and all they did was cry. After church Briana called me and said they were waiting for me at my house, and then erica and sam called me and said they needed sugar so they were coming over too. So when I got back from church, Sam, Erica, Ashley, and Amanda were waiting outside. I let Sam and Amanda in for sugar and then they all came in for a few. When I got in my room Kristin, Joe, Emily, Gabby, and Briana were waiting for me. So it was nice to have all those people I love oh so much over=]. Everyone eventually left except Briana and we spent the night getting disturbing news, lurking myspace, and talking because we have fun nmw we do=]. We got pizza and chicken and ate mike and ikes, big mistake>:o=[.

Btw I am now im medicine for my sickness which is larengitis and bronchitis. I have an inhalor and like 3 diff. pills to take=[ I HATE PILLS!

Sunday morning i woke up and Briana left with Kristin=]. Then Ashley and Jamie came over, we hung out, my dad got home from church and brought Lynde with him. My dad and Lynde watched movies, and we have to "talk" tonight, w3rd.Which inturn why i couldn't go to kristins>:O!

Ashley and Jamie and I walked the dog down the street, stopped for a long time and talked to Mike and Van. But first said hi to mom=](ruth). Van dragged ashley around on the ground and gave her grass stains, and threatened to eat my weiner>:O>:O well the weiner dog that is. He Put a grasshoper down ashley's shirt, silly van. We left sooner or later and came back here to sit and talk=]. I heart Jamie and Ashley, just not when ashleys legs are open around me o_O.

<3 All in all okay weekend and im skipping tomorrow because it's pointless to go=D<3

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[11 Mar 2005|11:08am]
[ mood | crushed ]

Today i stayed home, 2nd friday in a rowwwww w00t! tonight I'm unsure of my plans, but as for saturday briana is coming over=o YES!

peeeektures=DCollapse )

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