If you see me on the streets, nigga you dunno me

Today i woke up @ 7:40 and went to schoool like right away=[. I wish my alarm woke me up like a normal person.

1st--We did some weird experiment in which air crushes a can or sumsing, I didn't like it cuz it smelt like burnt hair>:o!

2nd--Romeo and Juliette plus To Kill A Mockingbird, sucks.

3rd--AHHHHHHHH the scary guy again. He told me I was and always will be beautiful, and that he loved me, and we're meant too be and all this scary crap=[=[. Then he sang too me. Yesterday he grabbed my boob, he is getting worse=[. I saw Cedes and we talked at lunch, then I sat with Jennifer, and then I found Kristin=]. Laurens back=D!

4th--Math I UNDERSTOOD! and I have a B in that class. oh yeah<3

5th--Dang so we took notes, and talked.

6th--Went to the classroom today and took notes, then sat in back and talked about being "emo" or "goth" or all the labels and shit.

Bus Brooke rode home with me and we talked about a lot of crap with Erika and Jamie. I love Erika and Jamie=] and Brooke too, duh! Then Brooke left @ like 6:40 and went home, her mom drove me too my moms, then I went and picked up Briana. Then Briana, my mom, and I went and worked out for an hour or so. I got gross and sweaty, eww. Briana ate a cold chicken nugget at my house and now she's a vegi. or wants to be.

That's my day in a nutshell, sorry again for lack of comments please don't cut me=[
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I met a pretty boy at school. He's pretty. We all love him.

Friday I went to Brianas house after school, switched it up say what? pretty much briana is the funniest person ever and just hanging out with her is fun<3.

Saturday I went home, melissa came over, brought me taco bell=D! We hung out, went on a whole lotta walks and talked in the driveway. We went to bed at like 2 which was alright.

Sunday which is today i woke up and hhave cramps and i can't go to jamies party because i can't swim, with cramps and whatnot. I want more taco bell though.

I want it too be monday so I can see Gabby, I missed her ALOTALOTALOT. and other people;D!

I can't wait for this week to be over so I can have my sleepover Friday,and then Falloutboy/Silverstein/The Academy is Saturday=].


ps. sorry I haven't been commenting or anything, noone comments so livejournal kinda died for a week=[<3
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so it's sunday and spring break is over tomorrow=[ i'm sad but i'm happy to be seeing people at school again=].

To sum up my spring break i'll say i hung out with: Brooke, Ashley, Jamie, Melissa, Briana, Kristin, Gabby, Joe, Derek, Saxon, Lauren, Emily, and Heather.

I'm a little sad I didn't spend more time with Gabby or any time with Sdhari, but summer is soon=].

Today I might go to the zoo but I am unsure=/.

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So she says to me..

I woke up this morning and decided to go to the show instead of the movies=]. I got into a huge fight with my dad because of getting driven around by teenagers and boys, how the hell did he know you ask? Grace is a fucking spy. I ended up going to the show with Heather and Emily and meeting Melissa there. We got up there then Melody and Angie came and left. Then Joe came, then Derek and his brother, then Gabby, Lauren, and Saxon. Kristin and Briana came eventually. Oh and Paige, Cedes, Amber and Montana were there too=]. Paiges mom was mad because Paige and I hugged and her mom HATES me. The first band was playing and then we went outside onto the playground untill Idols Die Young was playing. We watched them and whatnot then went back outside.

While outside we decided to go to the House of Joe. So Briana, Melissa, Emily, HEather and I hopped in Heathers car. Gabby, Lauren and Saxon went with Lauren, Chelsea followed, and so did Kristin and Joe. At the house of Joe like half the show was there, apparently it's the hot spot. Valerie came,and around 11 Joe took me and Melissa to my house=]. I fell asleep around like 3 and woke up @ 10 because Melissa's mom was here for her.

Today we didn't go to Olive Garden and I feel bad because Raimar can't come over or anything. But tonight Melissa and I are going to the movies with Cedes, Montana, Paige, and them, well meeting them couincidentaly or whateva.

I honestly need something to do tomorrow and someone to come over after church on saturday.=]
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spring break is for lovers

we woke up this morning because of joe might i add. I decided to go to the show instead of the movies=]. Kristin, Briana, and Joe picked me up around 5:15, we got there sat in the car for a bit then met Emily, Heather, and Melissa. The first band was playing and they were really good it was that kid Melissa and I knew from the Bright Eyes show and he was just gorgeous. We went outside and hung out for a bit, came in for another band, and then in for Echo Me Astranaut which his guitar broke and had to stop playing early=[. The dance party was neat, but i danced for a little then played wallflower/bag lady with kristin because i love her, duh!

We then went outside and got hugs from Louis and others who we thought we wouldn't see again. We ventured to the bowling alley again and sat there for a little then had to go. Got more hugs, w00t. Got home,got my wendys and ate it=]. I was on the phone with Melissa but now were talking online cuz were awsome. My week has and will be spent with Melissa, Emily, Heather, Briana, and more or atleast I hope it will continue<3. I wish I could have seen Gabby fo' real<3

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